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A sock pair retention apparatus includes a resilient membrane which includes a plurality of resilient flap members formed within the membrane. The resilient flap members are oriented in a common plane when in a relaxed mode and are deformed out of the plane when in a sock-retention mode. When one or more socks is pushed between the resilient flap members, the resilient flap members are pushed out of the plane and are in a sock-retention mode. The resiliency of the resilient flap members serves to lock the socks in the sock pair retention apparatus of the invention. The socks can be removed from the sock pair retention apparatus by simply pulling the socks completely through the membrane. The sock pair retention apparatus enables pairs of socks to remain together through washing and drying. When the socks are removed from the membrane, the resilient flap members can return to their relaxed mode. A frame member can be connected to a periphery of the membrane. The frame member defines a frame-enclosed region. The frame member has a frame height, and the resilient flap members have a flap thickness. The frame height is greater than the flap thickness. With another embodiment of the invention, additional frame portions provide a second frame-enclosed region, whereby one sock can be retained in each frame-enclosed region.

Sock pair retention apparatus
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June 24, 1998
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December 19, 2000
Paul Anderson
Salisbury House-Barkshire Drive, Thatcham Barkshire
A41F 1/00
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