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An electronic video gaming machine for playing multiple games is set forth. The gaming machine includes a first set of game elements for playing a game having a plurality of possible game outcomes. A first game outcome is selected from a plurality of possible game outcomes including at least one predetermined carry-over outcome. The carry-over outcome occurring in the first game outcome is automatically duplicated by the processor into at least one other game outcome. Game elements of the first game outcome are also manually selectable by a player and the selected game elements are duplicated by the processor into at least one other game outcome. Multiple game elements are shown on game boards arranged in a stack and displayed on a touch screen. The stack includes a top end and a bottom end and each game board has a face on which a single game is displayed. A plurality of game control buttons and game control indicators are provided for operating the game and selecting game elements, such as lucky numbers, random numbers, and bingo patterns, to be applied to each game board in the stack. A number of game boards to be played in the stack is selectable by the player and a winning game board is indicated to the player such that the winning game board appears to pop-up from the stack in cash-register-like fashion such that the face of the winning game board is more visible relative to prior said game board popping up. The face of any game board is viewable by the player by touching the touch screen at a location of the game board to be viewed. After touching the game board, the game board slides out from the stack to expose its face.

Video gaming device having multiple stacking features
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November 22, 1999
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December 12, 2000
Joel R Jaffe
John J Giobbi
Crown Point
Erica A Frohm
Jenkens & Gilchrist
WMS Gaming
A63F 13/00
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