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A cargo restraining apparatus includes a cargo net, a plurality of buckles, and a plurality of anchor straps. The cargo net is formed of a plurality of intersecting woven webs and is preferably rectangular with two nonintersecting, free ends of webs at each corner. Each of the buckles include a C-bar to which two nonintersecting, free ends of the cargo net are attached. An anchor strap having an anchor end and a free end is fed through the buckle and used to apply tension to the two nonintersecting, free ends when the anchor end is connected to an anchor and the free end is pulled in a direction generally toward the anchor. Each buckle also includes a release tab for releasing tension applied to the two nonintersecting, free ends. Each buckle is preferable fabricated from a single piece of molded plastic with no moving parts. The apparatus is particularly well suited for use in securing cargo in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Cargo restraining apparatus
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January 20, 1999
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November 28, 2000
Steven P Dew
2012 Woodrow Dr., Knoxville, 37918
Robert W Dew
324 Logan St., Seymour, 37865
Ludeka Neely & Graham P C
B60P 7/08
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