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A method of generating power with sequestration of carbon-dioxide emission includes compressing ambient air, separating substantially pure oxygen from the ambient air and then further compressing the substantially pure oxygen separated from the ambient air. After the oxygen has been further compressed, the oxygen is divided into a first oxygen stream and a second oxygen stream. The method includes introducing the first oxygen stream and a solid fuel, such as coal, into a solid-fuel gasifier for converting the first oxygen stream and the solid fuel into a combustible gas and combusting the gas in the presence of the second oxygen stream, the combusting step including the step of introducing water into the combustor during the combusting step for generating an exhaust stream of carbon dioxide and steam. The exhaust stream of carbon dioxide and steam is then passed through a turbine for driving the turbine and generating power. The exhaust stream is then cooled for producing carbon dioxide gas and water so that the carbon dioxide gas may be separated from the water and collected. Introducing water into the combustor during the combusting step increases the mass flow and the volume flow of the exhaust stream passing through the turbine, thereby elevating the amount of power generated by the turbine.

Solid-fueled power generation system with carbon dioxide sequestration and method therefor
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December 30, 1998
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November 21, 2000
Elia Demetri
Foley & Lardner
Norther Research & Engineering Corporation
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