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A sports computer having an integral global satellite positioning (GPS) receiver and computer interfacing capability enables functional and/or performance characteristics to be tracked and analyzed as a function of geographical position and/or elevation. The computer includes mounting means and/or interfaces to one or more sensors to measure operational and/or physiological parameters such as heart rate, or weather conditions such as temperature. Means are provided for downloading the stored geographical and sensor parameters to an external personal computer so that the data collected during a workout may be reviewed and analyzed on the screen of the PC. Preferably, map data may also be stored enabling the collected data to be viewed relative to the map information, for example, in superposition.

Sports computer with GPS receiver and performance tracking capabilities
Application Number
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December 13, 1999
Publication Date
November 14, 2000
William R Fry
605 Echoglun Ct., Colorado Springs, 80906
Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC
G06F 165/00
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