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A surgical biopsy apparatus is provided which includes a housing; a first elongated tubular member removably mounted in the housing and defining a fluid passageway therein, the first elongated tubular member including: a tapered closed distal end portion adapted to penetrate tissue; a laterally disposed tissue receiving opening formed near the tapered distal end which includes a tissue support surface defining a plurality of holes in fluid communication with the fluid passageway; and a second elongated tubular member rotatably and reciprocatingly disposed coaxially about the first elongated tubular member, the second elongated tubular member having a cutting edge formed at an open distal end thereof and a lateral tissue discharge port formed proximally of the cutting edge.

A method of performing a surgical biopsy is also provided which includes inserting a biopsy apparatus into the tissue of a patient, the biopsy apparatus including an inner tubular member having a tapered penetrating end formed on the distal end and an outer tubular member held longitudinally fixed relative to the inner tubular member during the insertion step; retracting the outer tubular member relative to the inner tubular member to expose a laterally disposed tissue receiving area formed on the inner tubular member; applying suction to a series of openings formed along an inner surface of the tissue receiving area to pull tissue into the tissue receiving area; severing tissue disposed within the tissue receiving area by advancing the outer tubular member over the inner tubular member such that a cutting surface formed on the distal end of the outer tubular member rotates as it passes over the tissue receiving area; and removing the severed tissue sample from the tissue sampling site by retracting the inner tubular member from the outer tubular member until the tissue receiving area is aligned with a lateral opening formed in the outer tubular member wherein a tissue stripping plate urges the tissue sample out of the tissue receiving area.

Biopsy apparatus and method
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February 20, 1998
Publication Date
November 7, 2000
Paul A Matula
Christopher F Klecher
San Diego
George M Chelednik
David Farascioni
United States Surgical Corporation
A61B 10/00
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