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A sterile enclosure is provided having a body portion for encapsulating one or more video monitors used for viewing one or more surgical areas in a sterile operating field. The enclosure may be flexible or rigid and have one or more cable drapes extending from the body to cover one or more cables associated with the video monitor. In some embodiments, the body is flexible. In another embodiment, the body is rigid. The body is transparent in at least an area for viewing the screen of the video monitor and is substantially impervious to liquid and gas. A vacuum line may be connected to the body portion to evacuate air therefrom.

Sterile encapsulated endoscopic video monitor
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April 2, 1998
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October 17, 2000
Edwin L Adair
317 Paragon Way, Castle Pine Village, 80104
Fields and Johnson P C
H04N 7/18
A61B 1/04
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