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A portable data collection device having a modular imaging-based dataform reader. The dataform reader includes a two dimensional imaging assembly adapted to image and decode a dataform printed using ink that fluoresces when illuminated by ultraviolet light. The imaging assembly includes a two dimensional photosensor array and is actuatable to generate a signal representative of reflected illumination from a target area of the imaging assembly and further includes an illumination assembly having a strobing ultraviolet light source. The illumination assembly includes a pair of flash tube strobe lights which have their output illumination filtered through respective ultraviolet filter thereby permitting only illumination in the ultraviolet range to exit the dataform reader and illuminate the imaging target area. The high intensity, strobing light of the ultraviolet light source permits a reduced exposure period. A targeting illumination assembly is also provided to aid in aiming the device at a target dataform. The targeting illumination assembly and illumination assembly are alternately energized to reduce reflected glare. Fluorescence from the dataform is focused by an optic assembly onto the photosensor array forming an image of the dataform. Image processing circuitry is provided for processing and decoding the image of the dataform.

Hand held dataform reader having strobing ultraviolet light illumination assembly for reading fluorescent dataforms
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January 29, 1998
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September 26, 2000
Chen Feng
Watts Hoffmann Fisher & Heinke Co LPA
Meta Holdings Corporation
G06K 7/10
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