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An electronic personal shopping system, communicating between a store computer and a mobile terminal, for organizing a consumer's movement through a retail facility in accordance with the consumer's current location and the locations of desired items on either a shopping list or a recommended replenishment item list. The shopping list and recommended replenishment item list are hosted on a customer IC card and read by a mobile shopping terminal. A price look-up table is maintained in a store database and includes location indicia identified to each merchandise item of the store's inventory. As a product is scanned, that item's location indicia is assumed to represent a customer's current location. A desired destination item is taken from the shopping list or the recommended replenishment item list and a distance and direction metric is calculated based on the customer's current location. The system includes a processor capable of developing a recommended replenishment item list from a series of shopping history data records also hosted on the IC card. Each shopping trip results in preparation of a most recent shopping history data record.

Electronic shopping system including customer relocation recognition
Application Number
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April 30, 1998
Publication Date
September 26, 2000
Nobuo Ogasawara
San Diego
Christie Parker & Hale
G06K 5/00
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