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An improved waste receptacle and method for disposing of waste is disclosed. The receptacle includes a container portion configured to receive a liner therein. The container includes a pair of liner retainer elements secured to the outside surface on opposite sides of the container. In one embodiment, the liner retaining element includes a pair of spaced flanges protruding from the wall of the container. The liner retaining elements are configured to receive a portion of the liner disposed in the container and prevent the liner from collapsing into the container as waste is placed therein. In another embodiment, the waste receptacle includes a dispenser for storing a plurality of liners. The dispenser is engaged to the wall of the container. In one embodiment, the liners have an initial use that does not include storing waste or lining a waste receptacle. The liners are recycled by storing them in the dispenser, and each is later used as a liner for the waste receptacle as needed.

Waste receptacle
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December 9, 1998
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September 26, 2000
William W Windle
1220 Shore La., Syracuse, 46567
Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett
B65D 25/14
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