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A spinal fixation device for stabilizing one or more segments of the human spine and for preventing the dislodgement of intervertebral spinal fusion implants, which remains permanently fixated once applied. The spinal fixation device of the present invention comprises of a staple member made of material appropriate for human surgical implantation which is of sufficient length to span the disc space between two adjacent vertebrae and to engage, via essentially perpendicular extending projections, the vertebrae adjacent to that disc space. A portion of the staple of the spinal fixation device interdigitates with an already implanted intervertebral spinal fusion implant which itself spans the disc space to engage the adjacent vertebrae, and the spinal fixation device is bound to the spinal fusion implant by a locking means. The spinal fixation device of the present invention is of great utility in restraining the vertebrae adjacent to the spinal fusion implant from moving apart as the spine is extended and also serves as an anchor for a multi-segmental spinal alignment means for aligning more that one segment of the spine.

Apparatus instrumentation, and method for spinal fixation
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September 5, 1997
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September 19, 2000
Gary Karlin Michelson
438 Sherman Canal, Venice, 90291
Martin & Ferraro
A61B 17/56
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