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A wheeled dispenser for dispensing wire from spools. The dispenser has a rectangular frame, three stationary vertical posts, and two rotatable vertical posts each located between two stationary posts. Each rotatable post has a plurality of laterally projecting rods for supporting spools. The rotatable post can be rotated to a first position such that the rods are accessible for loading spools, and rotated to a second position wherein each rod can latch to an adjacent stationary post, with the spools held parallel so that they all pay out wire in one direction. The dispenser has wheels and a handle which can incline relative to the frame. A pin arranged to close a clevis secures the handle in a substantially upright position relative to the frame. The frame has upright stanchions bearing receptacles disposed to enable bars to span two stanchions and be held in the receptacles in a horizontal position, so that additional spools can be carried. The frame has holders for storing the bars beneath the frame when they are not mounted on the stanchions.

Wire dispensing device
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April 23, 1999
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September 12, 2000
Doyle Elder
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