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A chip chassis comprises a housing for enclosing a plurality of semiconductor devices having electrical contacts. The housing is configured to include a plurality of slots each adapted for receiving a semiconductor device. The housing further comprises a plurality of connectors in each of the slots. Each connector within a respective slot of the housing is adapted to electrically contact corresponding electrical contacts of the semiconductor device when the semiconductor device is inserted within the respective slot. Each of the plurality of connectors in each of the slots is electrically coupled to provide an electrical backplane within the housing for electrical communications between each of the slots. The housing may be configured to couple thermally with a heat sink and provide access for a flow-through of a forced coolant. The slots may be adapted to receive a particular type of semiconductor device. Moreover, the connectors comprised in a particular slot may be configured for electrically contacting corresponding electrical contacts on the particular type of semiconductor device designed for the corresponding slot when that particular type of semiconductor device is inserted within the slot. The particular types of semiconductor devices which may be housed in the chip chassis include processors, memories, or I/O control modules. Some slots may be configured for the semiconductor devices to access external data storage devices for the storage and retrieval of data. The chip chassis may also include one or more of the semiconductor devices configured to be housed in the slots of the housing.

Chip chassis including a micro-backplane for receiving and connecting a plurality of computer chips
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October 24, 1997
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September 5, 2000
J Andrew Lambrecht
Conley Rose & Tayon P C
Advanced Micro Devices
H02B 1/02
H05K 9/00
G06F 1/16
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