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An apparatus for securing sections of turf for initial placement, replacement and/or rotation is provided. The apparatus includes a frame adapted for placement on a section of turf. A plurality of spaced apart actuators are mounted to the frame. Each actuator has an actuator rod with a sharpened end which is movable between a first, retracted position and a second, extended position. The actuator rods have an insertion angle of approximately 60.degree. or less with respect to a contact surface such that upon actuation, the actuator rods are moved from the first position to the second position and the sharpened ends of the actuator rods are adapted to pierce the selected section of turf to firmly engage the section of grass turf to the frame for placement or replacement. After the selected section of turf is positioned, the actuator rods are moved from the second position to the first position resulting in the section of turf having a surface which is available for immediate use due to the insertion angle of the actuator rods resulting in reduced overhead observable piercing openings.

Grass turf tile lifting device and method
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October 30, 1998
Publication Date
September 5, 2000
J Robert Hummer
Mount Joy
Volpe and Koenig P C
Hummer Sport Surfaces L L C
A01C 11/00
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