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Multiple nodes can concurrently gain membership in a cluster of nodes of a distributed computer system by broadcasting reconfiguration messages to all nodes of the distributed computer system. In response to a reconfiguration request resulting from a node petitioning to join a cluster or a node leaving the cluster, each node determines to which nodes of the distributed computer system the node is connected, i.e., which are sending reconfiguration messages which the node receives. In addition, if multiple nodes fail substantially simultaneously, each node which continues to operate does not receive a reconfiguration message from each of the failed nodes and the failed nodes are omitted from the proposed new cluster. Thus, multiple simultaneous failures are processed in a single reconfiguration. Each of the member nodes of the proposed cluster determine the membership of the proposed cluster and broadcast a reconfiguration message to all proposed member nodes and collects similar messages. If all reconfiguration messages agree, the proposed cluster is accepted. In the case in which one or more nodes leave the cluster, quorum is established in the new cluster relative to the old cluster.

System and method for modifying membership in a clustered distributed computer system and updating system configuration
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June 27, 1997
Publication Date
August 22, 2000
Hossein Moiin
San Francisco
Conley Rose & Tayon PC
B Noel Kivlin
Sun Microsystems
G06F 11/00
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