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An amorphous communication network having no traditional wireless backbone has plural roving or migratory access node or terminal devices that are carried or transported along with individuals. Each wireless node has a user interface and a local ID, e.g., an IP address, URL, telephone number. Voice, data, or video is transferred to other migratory nodes or to a conventional land-based telephone or data terminal via a PSTN, Internet, ATM network, etc. A geolocation detector in the node, such as a GPS, keeps track of the instantaneous position, which is conveyed to a locally or remotely stored database. A local processor accesses this database to determine node-to-node paths to a destination when said node operates as a source. A node captures a transmitted message when the destination address in the message matches its local address, or otherwise forwards the message towards a destination if the address does not match. Acknowledgements are sent between nodes upon successful receipt of information. The node's wireless transceiver also adapts to the environment and terrain to control transmission and reception characteristics according to bandwidth, inter-node spacing, signal strength, bit error rate, node population density, frequency spectrum, data rate and/or air interface protocol. Nodes may periodically or randomly unicast or broadcast its ID and/or position data to update a database, which then may be propagated to other databases throughout the network. A database may reside locally within a node or at fixed regional locations that are linked together to form a global database.

Wireless communication network including plural migratory access nodes
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February 22, 1999
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August 15, 2000
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