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The invention presents a networked system for identifying an individual, communicating information to the individual, and remotely monitoring the individual. The system includes a server and a workstation for entering in the server queries to be answered by the individual. The server is preferably a web server and the workstation is preferably a personal computer or remote terminal connected to the server via the Internet. The system also includes a remotely programmable apparatus connected to the server via a communication network, preferably the Internet. The remotely programmable apparatus interacts with the individual in accordance with a script program received from the server. The server includes a script generator for generating the script program from the queries entered through the workstation. The script program is received and executed by the remotely programmable apparatus identify the individual, to communicate the queries to the individual, to receive responses to the queries, and to transmit the responses from the remotely programmable apparatus to the server. Identification of the individual can also be achieved via a data card, a remote monitoring device, or the interception of data from a separate information system. As the present invention has multi-user capabilities, it can be used in a public place, such as a pharmacy or health care clinic. The multi-user capabilities also allow collection and tracking of user data for the healthcare industry.

Multi-user remote health monitoring system
Application Number
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November 21, 1997
Publication Date
August 8, 2000
Stephen J Brown
San Mateo
Black Lowe & Graham PLLC
Health Hero Network
G06F 17/60
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