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The analog driver for a display device which is controlled by current, such as an LED, includes a strobed analog input which charges a storage capacitor. The voltage across the storage capacitor is fed to the positive input of a comparator. The negative input of the comparator receives the voltage from a feedback resistor which is in series with the drive voltage, the drive FET (with a gate connected to the output of the comparator) and the light emitting device. Additionally, a reset FET is provided in parallel with the storage capacitor. Displays can be manufactured by a series of panels, each of the panels including an array of these drivers and light emitting devices, along with appropriate control circuitry.

Analog driver for LED or similar display element
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March 19, 1998
Publication Date
August 1, 2000
Charles J Holloman
272 Catamount Rd., Fairfield, 06430
Pitney Hardin Kipp & Szuch
G09G 3/14
G09G 3/32
G09G 3/34
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