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The invention relates to a method and equipment intended therefore for making a building board 2, comprising a body 5 fitted with a locking device in the form of a strip 10 extended from the body 5 with a formed locking surface 14 for mechanical joining of the board 2 to similar boards, the strip 10 and the locking surface 14 being formed in one piece from a blank 40. The invention is characterized by carrying out the following steps A and B in optional order: A, forming the locking surface 14 against a forming surface 64 and subsequently keeping the locking surface 14 thus formed fixed in relation to the forming surface 64 until both step A and step B have been carried out, B. attaching the strip 10 to the body S and, while carrying out the latter of steps A and B, by keeping the body S fixed against a reference surface 70, whose position in relation to the forming surface 64 corresponds to a desired position of the locking surface 14 in relation to the body S.

Method and equipment for making a building board
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June 2, 1999
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August 1, 2000
Darko Pervan
Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis
Valinge Aluminium
E04B 5/12
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