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The present invention relates to the field of data and computer network security. Data and computer network security is of the utmost importance to most organizations that possess such networks. One of the difficulties that users and managers of these networks face is that the users have to provide a user ID and password every time they wish to access one of the organization's secured HTTP servers or URLs. This creates a problem for users and managers since lists of numerous user IDs and passwords need to be maintained and therefore can easily be lost or their confidentiality compromised. This invention addresses these problems by providing a transparent, scalable, single point of authentication for remote users across any number of HTTP servers anywhere on a data network, such as an Intranet, using any user ID and password scheme implemented by a main authentication HTTP server.

HTTP distributed remote user authentication system
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November 25, 1997
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July 18, 2000
Albert Reiche
Nortel Networks
H04L 29/06
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