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A collapsible hamper having top and bottom generally stiff frames, a body of flexible sheet material secured to and extending lengthwise between the frames, and a plurality of generally stiff legs each having top and bottom ends, the hamper having collapsed and assembled states, each leg positionable transversely between and engaging the top and bottom frames with its top and bottom ends respectively for urging the frames apart and thereby stretching the body in the lengthwise direction when the hamper is in its assembled state, the frames being moved towards each other and the body folded when the hamper is in the collapsed state has stretchable elastic hinge means fixedly attaching the top end of each leg to said top frame. Each of the legs is movable between a first position with the leg extending transversely from the top frame and the leg's bottom end releasably engaging the bottom frame when the hamper is in it assembled state, to a second position with the leg pivoted to be generally parallel and closely adjacent the top frame and the leg's bottom end separated from the bottom frame when the hamper is in its collapsed state. The hinge means, when the leg is pivoted, is stretched and urges the leg to return to the first position.

Collapsible hamper for the storage of laundry and other items
Application Number
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July 22, 1996
Publication Date
July 18, 2000
Paul S Ziglar
Simmons Perrine Albright & Ellwood
B65D 33/00
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