06088692 is referenced by 159 patents and cites 30 patents.

Natural Language search system and method for retrieving relevant documents from a text data base collection comprised of patents, medical and legal documents, journals, news stories and the like. Each small piece of text within the documents such as a sentence, phrase and semantic unit in the data base is treated as a document. Natural language queries are used to search for relevant documents from the data base. A first search query creates a selected group of documents. Each word in both the search query and in the documents are given weighted values. Combining the weighted values creates similarity values for each document which are then ranked according to their relevant importance to the search query. A user reading and passing through this ranked list checks off which document are relevant or not. Then the system automatically causes the original search query to be updated into a second search query which can include the same words, less words or different words than the first search query. Words in the second search query can have the same or different weights compared to the first search query. The system automatically searches the text data base and creates a second group of documents, which as a minimum does not include at least one of the documents found in the first group. The second group can also be comprised of additional documents not found in the first group. The ranking of documents in the second group is different than the first ranking such that the more relevant documents are found closer to the top of the list.

Natural language method and system for searching for and ranking relevant documents from a computer database
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April 5, 1999
Publication Date
July 11, 2000
James R Driscoll
Brian S Law Offices of Brian S Steinberger Steinberger
University of Central Florida
G06F 17/30
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