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An apparatus is disclosed for glare removal in digital imaging of a cervix. The apparatus includes a digital camera operable to create first and second digital images having substantially the same field of view; lights associated with the camera for illuminating the cervix with light pulses emitted from two locations, and a digital processor. The light pulses are synchronized so the cervix is illuminated with a first pulse for the creation of the first image and the cervix is illuminated with a second pulse for the creation of the second image. First glare and first non-glare regions are created by the first pulse in the first image, and second glare and second non-glare regions are created by the second pulse in the second image. The processor creates a glare-free digital composite image by replacing the digital elements of the glare region of the first image with the corresponding digital elements from the non-glare region of the second image.

Method and apparatus for reflective glare removal in digital photography useful in cervical cancer detection
Application Number
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April 4, 1997
Publication Date
July 11, 2000
Kerry L Blair
Overland Park
Lathrop & Gage L C
Medtech Research Corporation
A61B 5/00
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