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A travel system and methods that encompass a plurality of service providers and multi-application passenger cards so as to automatically compile, issue, utilize, and process the portable passenger cards for traveling purposes, purchase of travel-related goods and services, and for the implementation of other card-based applications. The multi-application cards are realized by smart debit and/or credit card technology and have the ability to store and activate a traveler's permit for transportation and other travel services; as well as to host and employ a monetary value for electronic payment means. Biometrics identification of cardholders, as well as cryptographic certification of card data and travel-related information, can optionally be encoded onto the cards and can be verified, including validated, at various point-of-service locations upon presentation of the card for utilization.

Travel system and methods utilizing multi-application passenger cards
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May 22, 1998
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July 11, 2000
Richard P Sehr
2276 Creek Bed Ct., Santa Clara, 95054
G06K 5/00
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