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A system in a telecommunications network for providing targeted advertising to subscribers utilizing display screens to conduct a video telephone call. The system comprises a centralized database of subscriber advertising preferences, an information source, a calling subscriber's switch connected to the database and the information source, and a called subscriber's switch connected to the calling subscriber's switch. The database of subscriber advertising preferences stores advertising preferences for subscribers in the network, and is updated whenever a subscriber selects a displayed advertisement for more information. The information source stores a plurality of advertisements, and includes an advertisement selector which selects advertisements based on the advertising preferences for an identified subscriber such as the calling subscriber. The calling subscriber's switch retrieves the advertising preferences for the calling subscriber from the database and sends the preferences to the information source. The switch then retrieves the selected advertisements from the information source and generates a window on the calling subscriber's display screen which displays the retrieved advertisements. The retrieved advertisements are also sent to the called subscriber's switch for simultaneous display to the called subscriber.

System and method of providing targeted advertising during video telephone calls
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December 18, 1998
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July 4, 2000
Francois Sawyer
Smith & Danamraj PC
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
H04N 7/14
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