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The lifting assembly 10. 110 is provided for lifting oilfield tubular members T onto the floor of a derrick D. The assembly includes a lower base 12 which is positioned at a selected location relative to the derrick, and an upper platform 14 pivotally connected at its rearward end to the base. The upper platform has a substantially planar upper surface with a lateral width sufficient for supporting a plurality of oilfield tubulars T thereon. One or more v-shaped troughs 52, 54 are positioned along the platform each for receiving one of the plurality of oilfield tubular members. A hydraulic ram 16 operates against an inclined slide member 20, 116 for tilting the upper platform 18 relative to the base. A powered ejection unit 34 moves a tubular within the trough with respect to the derrick. A push member 56 substantially encloses the v-shaped trough and pushes the tubular. The method of the invention enhances oilfield operations by reducing delays, and substantially improves worker safety.

Method and apparatus for lifting oilfield goods to a derrick floor
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June 19, 1998
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June 27, 2000
George L Scott III
100 N. Penn, Roswell, 88201
Carl Morgan
P.O. Box 1122, Artesia, 88211-1122
Browning Bushman
E21B 19/14
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