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A system and method are disclosed for providing a gesture recognition system for recognizing gestures made by a moving subject within an image and performing an operation based on the semantic meaning of the gesture. A subject, such as a human being, enters the viewing field of a camera connected to a computer and performs a gesture, such as flapping of the arms. The gesture is then examined by the system one image frame at a time. Positional data is derived from the input frames and compared to data representing gestures already known to the system. The comparisons are done in real-time and the system can be trained to better recognize known gestures or to recognize new gestures. A frame of the input image containing the subject is obtained after a background image model has been created. An input frame is used to derive a frame data set that contains particular coordinates of the subject at a given moment in time. This series of frame data sets is examined to determine whether it conveys a gesture that is known to the system. If the subject gesture is recognizable to the system, an operation based on the semantic meaning of the gesture can be performed by a computer.

Method and apparatus for real-time gesture recognition
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October 15, 1997
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June 6, 2000
Katerina H Nguyen
Palo Alto
Hickman Stephens & Coleman
Electric Planet
G06K 9/62
G06F 3/00
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