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A positioning apparatus is provided in a cellular base station for positioning a portable terminal in a cell covered by the cellular base station. The positioning apparatus has a base position indicative of a position of the cellular base station on a map. The positioning apparatus comprises an array antenna for receiving a transmission signal transmitted by the portable terminal to output a plurality of reception signals. A receiver section translates the reception signals into a plurality of baseband signals to demodulate the baseband signals into a plurality of demodulated signals. An estimation section estimates incident direction and delay time of the transmission signal on the basis of the demodulated signals to output an estimation result indicative of the incident direction and the delay time. A position calculating means calculates a terminal position of the portable terminal on the map in accordance with the estimation result and the base position to output a terminal position signal indicative of the terminal position.

Positioning apparatus used in a cellular communication system and capable of carrying out a positioning with a high accuracy in urban area
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January 21, 1999
Publication Date
May 30, 2000
Yoshihiko Kuwahara
Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen
NEC Corporation
H04B 7/02
H04Q 7/36
H04Q 7/20
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