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A decorative candle. The candle comprises a container that defines an interior chamber. Disposed within the interior chamber is a candle core having a top surface, a bottom surface, an outer surface, and a bore. The candle core is disposed within the interior chamber such that the bottom surface of the candle core is in abutting contact with the container and a cavity is formed between the outer surface and the container. The candle further comprises a wick disposed within the bore of the candle core. Disposed within the cavity and bore is an outer layer of a wax mixture. The outer layer has a melting point less than the melting point of the candle core such that the outer layer can be poured over the candle core without melting the same. The candle further includes at least one component placed upon a top surface of the top layer. Additionally, a top layer of the wax mixture is disposed on the top surface of the outer layer. The top layer partially encapsulates the component and the wick. Preferably, the top layer has a melting point lower than the melting point of the component such that the component will not melt when the top layer is poured into the container.

Method of making candle
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October 19, 1999
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May 30, 2000
Frank H Asbury
144 N. Trevor St., Anaheim, 92806
Scott H Freeman
3632 Rebel Cir., Huntington Beach, 92649
Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker
F23D 3/16
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