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Methods for load balancing a network are disclosed. Resource rebalancing includes remapping of pathways between nodes, e.g. servers, and resources, e.g. volumes/file systems. Resource rebalancing allows the network to reconfigure itself as components come on-line/off-line, as components fail, and as components fail back. In an embodiment of the invention a method for load balancing on a network is disclosed. The network includes server nodes and resources. Each of the resources are coupled to at least two of the server nodes. The method for load balancing comprises the acts of detecting a change in an availability of the server nodes; defining a first set of available server nodes and a second set of available resources and selecting for each one of the members of the second set a corresponding member of the first set to server as the administrative server for handling an administrative portion of an I/O request for the corresponding resource of the second set. In an alternative embodiment of the invention the method for load balancing comprises the act of detecting a change in an availability of the server nodes; applying a load balancing function to the network responsive to at least two attributes of each of the server nodes and the resources, responsive to the detecting act and assigning based on a result of the load balancing function each of the resources to a corresponding available server node responsive to the applying act.

Resource rebalancing in networked computer systems
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April 15, 1998
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May 23, 2000
James J Wolff
Santa Barbara
Hewlett Packard Company
G06F 17/30
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