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A fusion stabilization chamber stabilizes the spine following removal of one or more vertebrae, and facilitates bone growth. The chamber includes two hollow members, preferably having slightly trapezoidal cross-sections, which slide relative to each other in a telescoping manner. The hollow members preferably have walls made of a metal mesh. Barrel vaults attached to the hollow members form guides for screws which can attach the chamber to the vertebrae adjacent the corpectomy site. Because of its adjustability, the chamber can fit a wide variety of corpectomy sites. One can fill the chamber with bone material, which can eventually fuse to the adjacent bone. A pair of stabilizing plates prevents the surgeon from pushing the chamber too far towards the spinal cord. The chamber eliminates the need to maintain a large and costly inventory of screws, and neurosurgeons can learn to use it quickly and easily. In another embodiment, the device is formed in one non-telescoping piece. An end portion of the hollow member includes a curved flange which corresponds to the curvature of adjacent bone, and a notch which facilitates engagement with such bone. The device can be made in different sizes, so that it can replace relatively large vertebral bodies, as well as relatively small intervertebral discs.

Fusion stabilization chamber
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June 9, 1998
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May 23, 2000
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