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A medical instrument including (a) a handle; (b) a cautery for burning a lens capsule of an eye at the periphery of a portion of the capsule to be removed during surgery, the cautery including a retractable-extendible cautery portion being retractable into and extendible from the handle, so as to permit insertion of the cautery portion through a small incision formed in the eye when retracted and thereafter to correspond to a peripheral extent of the portion of the capsule to be removed when extended; (c) a mechanism for retracting and extending the cautery portion, the mechanism being engaged by the handle; and (d) an arrangement for connecting the cautery with an electrical apparatus for heating the cautery portion, whereby the peripheral extent of the capsule portion to be removed is searable by the cautery portion when extended and heated.

Medical instrument and method of utilizing same for eye capsulotomy
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May 27, 1998
Publication Date
May 23, 2000
Itzchak Beiran
29 Margalit Street, 34464 Haifa
Yehiel Sheffer
10 Haazmaut Street, 30900 Zichron Yaakov
Mark M Friedman
A61B 17/36
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