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An apparatus and method for providing stimuli to a user while sensing the performance and condition of the user may rely on a controller for programmably coordinating a tracking device and a sensory interface device. The tracking device may be equipped with sensors for sensing position, displacement, motion, deflection, velocity, speed, temperature, humidity, heart rate, internal or external images, and the like. The sensory interface device may produce outputs presented as stimuli to a user. The sensory interface device may include one or more actuators for providing aural, optical, tactile, and electromuscular stimulation to a user. The controller, tracking device, and sensory interface device may all be microprocessor controlled for providing coordinated sensory perceptions of complex events.

Direct feedback controller for user interaction
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December 29, 1997
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May 23, 2000
Craig K Poulton
2232 Melodie Ann Way, Salt Lake City, 84124
Madson & Metcalf
A61B 5/04
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