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A tank (1) for an apparatus for receiving and conditioning organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion, in particular, waste produced by restaurant kitchens and other facilities, includes a main enclosure wherein bioconversion takes place, and a secondary enclosure (18) for receiving and storing ground organic waste before it is transferred to the main enclosure for completion of its bioconversion. A hopper (4) or other device for receiving the organic waste is associated with a grinder (2) and is connected to the secondary enclosure (18) of the tank for feeding the ground organic waste. A recirculation system (12, 15) for recycling the contents of the tank includes a pump (13), means for distributing (17a, 17b) the contents of the main enclosure between the different levels thereof, and separate means (9, 22) for removing solid residues and liquid waste.

Apparatus for receiving and conditioning organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion
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August 21, 1998
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May 9, 2000
Fran cedilla ois Regis Mahrer
61, rue de Fremis, Case Postale 28, CH-1241 Puplinge
Henderson & Sturm
C02F 3/28
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