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An image reconstruction system adaptively de-interlaces video stream content using image data comparison techniques when the interlaced input video stream does not contain pre-coded non-interlaced to interlaced conversion status data. In one embodiment, the system uses a signature generator which generates a plurality of field signature values on a per field basis by determining region values based on fluctuations in pixel data, such as luminance data within a horizontal scan line to detect changes in motion. The field signature values are then analyzed to determine a probability that the content is one of several types such as content that has undergone non-interlaced to interlaced conversion, such as pull down conversion for film captured content. Also, independent of whether conversion has occurred, the system analyzes the video streams to determine whether the video stream contains a paused image or slow motion playback of images and de-interlaces accordingly.

System and method for reconstructing noninterlaced captured content for display on a progressive screen
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November 4, 1997
Publication Date
April 25, 2000
Philip L Swan
Markison & Reckamp P C
ATI Technologies
H04N 5/46
H04N 7/01
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