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A distributed STREAMS process operates on a multicomputer system composed of a cluster of nodes of one or more processors running an operating system having a file system and a STREAMS message-passing mechanism implementing network protocols, client-server applications, and STREAMS-based pipes. A local node has a software application operative under the operating system. The distributed STREAMS process determines that it is operating within a cluster and transparently intercepts application open requests which are sent to a controlling thread (CT) created during node initialization. The CT determines whether the open is to occur on the local or a remote node and whether any cluster facility should be activated by examining major and minor numbers encoded within the file structure being opened. If the CT determines a local open is to occur, it performs a local open, as normal, and activates the indicated cluster facilities. If the CT determines a remote open is to occur, it uses the STREAMS mechanism to establish a connection to the remote node via a STREAMS software interconnect driver (S-ICS) operating on both nodes. The local node's CT then communicates the open request to the remote node's CT which performs an internal STREAMS open to create data structures and infrastructure to ensure proper communication and error recovery. If a failure occurs, the CT and S-ICS detect this failure and transparently initiate error recovery by migrating failed components, if possible, to new node(s) within the cluster. This migration capability can also be used to provide load balancing within the cluster of distributed STREAMS.

Creation and migration of distributed streams in clusters of networked computers
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June 27, 1996
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April 4, 2000
Michael R Krause
Boulder Creek
Hewlett Packard Company
G06F 9/40
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