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This is a device for bridging the necks of wide-necked or narrow-necked aneurysms in the vasculature. It is a device which may be used by itself to bridge the neck of an aneurysm or used to stabilize the presence of other vaso-occlusive devices such as helically wound coils in that aneurysm. The included vaso-occlusive devices may be delivered to the aneurysm in a variety of different ways, e.g., by a core wire which is linked to the coils by an electrolytically severable or mechanically detachable joint. The vaso-occlusive devices may also be simply pushed into the aneurysm. The aneurysm neck bridge may also be delivered in a variety of ways, but preferably is attached to an electrolytically severable joint for its deployment. The inventive neck bridge may contain one or two sections: a first or inner section to be placed within the aneurysm and an optional second or outer section suitably placed outside the aneurysm. The first section typically has a number of array elements which are intended to be resident within the aneurysm after the device is deployed from the distal end of a catheter. The optional second or outer section has one or more array elements which are to be placed outside the aneurysm. The array elements typically extend from and are attached to an attachment area, often centrally located. The inventive device is at least partially formed of thin, usually metallic, sheets. After deployment of this retainer, the aneurysm may be partially filled with vaso-occlusive devices such as helically wound coils.

Sheet metal aneurysm neck bridge
Application Number
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December 15, 1997
Publication Date
March 14, 2000
Daniel R Kurz
Robert M Abrams
Morrison Foerster L
Target Therapeutics
A61B 17/08
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