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A method for refining the position of linearly aligned cells on the surface of a semiconductor chip is disclosed herein. The method comprises defining an array of spaces between cells based on maximum and minimum cell positions, establishing a minimum spacing between cells, and linearly shifting cells in a predetermined manner such that no cells are closer to one another than the minimum spacing between cells. Linear shifting is accomplished by shifting any cell in a positive direction if the spacing associated the cell is less than the minimum spacing between cells; shifting any cell in a negative direction if the spacing associated with the cell is greater than the minimum spacing between cells, but only if all cells on the negative side of the cell have been shifted in their maximum negative direction; and performing positive shifting and negative shifting until all cells have been shifted such that no space between cells is less than the negative space between cells.

Advanced modular cell placement system with overlap remover with minimal noise
Application Number
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June 28, 1996
Publication Date
February 15, 2000
Alexander E Andreev
Poselok Mosrentgen, 2-oy Muzikalni, Proezd, D.3, Kv. 175, 142704 Moskovskaga Oblast
James S Koford
470 Navaro Way, #116, San Jose, 95134
Ranko Scepanovic
1063 Avondale St., San Jose, 95129
G06F 17/50
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