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An early warning detection and notification network for monitoring environmental conditions comprising a plurality of remotely located environmental sensors having a communications uplink to one or more earth orbiting satellites or other wireless transmission means, a downlink interface to a database server having one or more data tables holding environmental data and a communications interface between the database server and the Internet wherein the sensors periodically upload environmental condition data to the satellite, the satellite downloads the condition data to the database server, the communications interface provides access to the condition data through the Internet. End-users access the system through the Internet and retrieve real-time data on various environmental conditions based on a database query. The query results may be grouped by the geographic region, the type of environmental data or a combination of both. End-users may also employ preset trigger levels for certain environmental conditions. When the trigger levels are exceeded, the end-user is notified by email, pager, automated voice response or the like.

Early warning detection and notification network for environmental conditions
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March 18, 1999
Publication Date
February 8, 2000
John Francis Baxter Jr
980 Cape Marco Dr., Marco Island, 34145
Anton J Smith and Hopen P A Hopen
G08B 1/00
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