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A method and system is disclosed for accelerating a user interface on a display of an image capture unit. The image capture unit includes a plurality of image files for providing a plurality of images. In a first aspect, the method and system comprise selecting an image based upon a scrolling method and providing a predetermined number of speculation buffers. The method and system include organizing the predetermined number of speculation buffers based upon the selected image so as to assign each of the predetermined number of speculation buffers to store one of the plurality of images in response to the scrolling method. In a second aspect, the image capture unit operates in a plurality of modes The image capture unit also includes a plurality of input buffers which are utilized in one of the plurality of modes and are unutilized on at least one of the other of the plurality of modes. The method and system in accordance with this aspect comprise reallocating the input buffers as speculation buffers and providing image data from the image files to the speculation buffers when the image capture unit is in the at least one of the plurality of modes.

Method and system for speculative decompression of compressed image data in an image capture unit
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June 10, 1997
Publication Date
February 1, 2000
Eric C Anderson
San Jose
Sawyer & Associates
FlashPoint Technology
H04N 5/228
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