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A lottery game includes two or more different denominational levels for game tickets, i.e., two or more groups of tickets with tickets in each group being priced differently from tickets in the other groups. All tickets in any one group are priced identically to one another. Wagers received from each ticket group are placed in a corresponding jackpot pool according to the denominational level or amount of the tickets sold for that pool. All wagers for each denomination are processed by a single central controlling authority, with wagers being distributed to each separate pool according to the corresponding wager denomination. Thus, the present game may provide a series of different and separate jackpot pools corresponding to each ticket price or denominational level. Jackpots or prizes are awarded from each pool to the winning bettor holding a ticket corresponding to that denominational level and jackpot. Alternatively, the pools may be combined and divided in accordance with the total amount of each wager denominational level group. The game may run for a predetermined period of time, or to a predetermined date, or through the sales of a predetermined number of tickets in a given denominational group or groups, as desired. Prizes (e.g., automobiles, etc.) may be awarded in addition to money, at the higher or highest denominational levels.

A percentage of each pool, or of the combined total, may be retained by the operating authorities for overhead, charitable or government use, etc., if so desired.

Lottery game
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August 4, 1999
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January 25, 2000
Pauline E Grippo
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