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A shelter for covering and protecting dairy cows in hot climates includes a feeding area as well as a loafing area for cows to chew their cud after feeding. The feeding area and loafing area are covered by a roof structure for shading the cows from the sun. Evaporative coolers extend through the roof structure to circulate cool air within such structure. The structure has one or more retractable walls to help retain cool air within the structure while permitting cows to enter or exit. The roof structure channels any rainwater into the interior of the structure to assist in flushing waste from the feeding area.

Protective structure for shading and cooling dairy cows
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August 28, 1997
Publication Date
January 18, 2000
R Robert Gordon
3225 E. Baseline Rd., Apt. 2070, Gilbert, 85234
Cahill Sutton & Thomas
A01K 1/00
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