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A customized advertising repository server is connected on the World Wide Web (WWW), which can be accessed by a registered user through his or her browser either by clicking on an icon, or by inputting the specific URL address of the particular server which stores that user's advertising repository. When the user accesses his or her customized ad repository through the browser, a composite advertising page is dynamically configured by the Customized Advertising Repository (CAR) server for that particular user based on that user's previously provided user profile. Furthermore, at least a portion of that composite advertising page can be dynamically configured on a context dependent basis determined from the particular Web site or sites that the user has accessed prior to accessing the CAR. The dynamically configured composite page or pages of advertising provided to the user may contain plural static images, streaming banners, 3-D images, animation, video and/or audio clips, using any of the technologies available on the Web for presenting textual and/or visual information. Such a composite page or pages is configured from a database which stores such images, banners, animation, etc., from plural advertisers. The customized page is created by selecting from among a storehouse of plural different subscribing advertisers and their associated banner ads, images, etc., those particular images, etc. that will be elements of the customized page based on the user's specific areas of interest as determined from the profile, and/or the context dependency. From such dynamically configured composite page or pages, the user can then click on a particular image, video window, banner, etc., to retrieve, through a hyperlink, further information directly from the selected advertiser's own Web site or mirror Web site.

Method and system for presenting customized advertising to a user on the world wide web
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October 16, 1997
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December 28, 1999
Peter H Stuntebeck
Little Silver
Joseph Thomas O Neil
Staten Island
Steven Howard Nurenberg
Suzanne L LeMole
Murray Hill
AT&T Corporation
G06F 17/60
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