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An optical method and apparatus for computer input, most typically man-machine interfaces, particularly of the class known as "touch screens" and "digitizers," are based on surface distortion imaging, i.e., magnified optical imaging of a surface temporarily distorted by the input data of interest such as a finger, pencil point, key impact, projectile, etc. Typically, the surface (or material) distorted or disturbed, is extensive, that is large relative to the size of the distortion(s). This imaging allows 3 dimensional displacement X, Y, Z and vector inputs, low cost, high speed, tactile feedback, and an ability to be used on any size or type of surface or screen, from small tablet sized data entry devices to wall murals and beyond, with essentially the same hardware configurations.

Man machine interfaces for entering data into a computer
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August 15, 1994
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December 28, 1999
Timothy R Pryor
416 Old Tecumseh Road, Tecumseh, Ontario
Larson & Taylor
G09G 5/00
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