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Apparatus and method for selectively securing a shelf separator array to display shelves includes a plurality of openings formed in the shelves, and resilent clips that are securable both to the separator structure and in the openings. In the first form the clips are provided with resilient split retaining clamps engageable to the extrusion forming the separator structure and resilient opposing projections conformed for receipt in a selected opening. In another form, the extrusion forming the separator structure includes a groove formed longitudinally therein in which fitted portions of the clips are slidably received. The projections depending from the fitted portions are then useful for insertion in a selected opening in the shelf. The extrusion may then be provided with recessed display panels extending over the shelf edge in which various message cards may be displayed.

Method and apparatus for selective engagement of shelf separation structures conformed to provide visual display surfaces
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November 3, 1997
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December 28, 1999
Jo Merit
575 Esplanade #106, Redondo Beach, 90277
William Merit
575 Esplanade #106, Redondo Beach, 90277
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