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A software-based computer security enhancing process and graphical software-authenticity method, and a method to apply aspects of the two are disclosed. The process provides protection against certain attacks on executable software by persons or other software used on the computer. Software using this process is protected against eavesdropping (the monitoring of software, applications, the operating system, disks, keyboard, or other devices to record (steal) identification, authentication or sensitive data such as passwords, User-ID's, credit-card numbers and expiry dates, bank account and PIN numbers, smart-card data, biometric information (for example: the data comprising a retina or fingerprint scan), or encryption keys), local and remote tampering (altering software to remove, disable, or compromise security features of the altered software) examination (viewing the executable program, usually with the intent of devising security attacks upon it), tracing (observing the operating of an executable program step-by-step), and spoofing (substituting counterfeit software to emulate the interface of authentic software in order to subvert security) by rogues (eg: Trojan Horses, Hackers, Viruses, Terminate-and-stay-resident programs, co-resident software, multi-threaded operating system processes, Worms, Spoof programs, key-press password capturers, macro recorders, sniffers, and other software or subversions). Aspects include executable encryption, obfuscation, anti-tracing, anti-tamper & self-verification, runtime self-monitoring, and audiovisual authentication (math, encryption, and graphics based method permitting users to immediately recognise the authenticity and integrity of software). FIG. 5 in the specification depicts the many components and their interaction.

Computer software authentication, protection, and security system
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July 12, 1996
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December 21, 1999
Christopher Nathan Drake
North Sydney
Kim Townsend and Townsend and Crew Kanzake Ph D
Philip H Albert
Christopher N Drake
G06F 12/14
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