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An improved tungsten insert gas welder, having a means to remove heat energy using pressurized air, and a method for removing the heat away from the welder head area. A source of pressurized air is delivered though a hose to the welder head, and is directed through heat conductive air tubes within the welder head, is forced through a plurality of coils which surround an area that contains heat energy created during the welding process. As the air moves through the coils, it acquires some of the heat energy within the welder head. The heated air is vented into an outer jacket, which contains the electrically conductive cables, and an airspace surrounding the cables. As the heated air moves toward a rear connector block, it contacts the length of the cables, and is able to transfer some of the heat to the cables. This allows some of the heat energy contained within the pressurized air to be transferred through physical contact to the metal cable, so that as the air moves farther along the length of the metal cable, it will lose more of its heat energy, so that it begins to cool, which will cause the heat acquired by the metal cable to move along the length of the cable in the direction of the cooler air toward the rear connector block, thus maximizing the cooling potential of this forced air system.

Pressurized air cooled tungsten inert gas welding apparatus
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August 3, 1998
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December 21, 1999
Joseph B Cusick III
1413 N. Estate Rd., Peck, 67120
Bradley P Sylvester
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