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An exercise apparatus has a support frame and a press arm assembly rotatably mounted on the support frame. The press arm assembly includes a yoke with opposite side portions and first and second elongate swing arms each linked to the first and second side portions of the yoke, respectively. Each swing arm has at least one handle at one end for selective gripping by a user to perform different exercises. A three-dimensional pivot assembly links each swing arm to the respective yoke side portion to permit the swing arm to rotate in and out, up and down, and to pivot about its own axis to vary the handle orientation, so that the user can readily select any desired orientation of the swing arm and handle for performing press and fly exercises.

Exercise apparatus with multi-exercise press station
Application Number
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July 1, 1997
Publication Date
December 21, 1999
Randall T Webber
11162 Morning Creek Dr., San Diego, 92128
Brown Martin Haller & McClain
A63B 23/12
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