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A chemical synthesis apparatus (20) for building chemical compounds includes a head assembly (21) having an array of nozzles (22) with each nozzle or plurality of nozzles coupled to a reservoir (23) of liquid reagent (24), and a base assembly (25) having an array of reaction wells (26). A transport mechanism (27) aligns the reaction wells (26) and selected nozzles (22) in a longitudinal X-direction for deposition of liquid reagent (24) into selected reaction wells (26). A plurality of independently controllable sliders (100) move nozzle columns (41) in a lateral Y-direction for deposition of liquid reagent (24) into selected reaction wells (26). A first sliding seal (30) is positioned between the head assembly (21) and the base assembly (25) to form a common chamber (31) enclosing both the reaction well (26) and the nozzles (22) therein. A plurality of second sliding seals (120) is positioned between head assembly (21) and sliders (100). A gas inlet (70) into the common chamber (31), upstream from the nozzles (22), and a gas outlet (71) out of the common chamber (31), downstream from nozzles (22), sweeps the common chamber (31) of fumes emitted by the reagents.

Apparatus for diverse chemical synthesis using two-dimensional array
Application Number
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February 5, 1997
Publication Date
December 14, 1999
Thomas M Brennan
San Francisco
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
Protogene Laboratories
B01J 19/26
B01J 19/24
B01J 19/02
B01J 19/00
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