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A method for treatment of heavy metal contaminated surface coatings, heavy metal contaminated industrial byproducts and industrial effluents utilizing calcium phosphate compounds to render the heavy metal compounds immobile and biologically nonhazardous to humans. In a first embodiment surfaces contaminated with heavy metal compounds are decontaminated in situ during their removal. Solid calcium phosphate material is added to the liquid or chemical paint remover before the paint remover is applied to the heavy metal contaminated painted surface. After application of the paint remover, it is removed by suitable means as scraping or water blasting. The paint and paint remover mixture thus removed is rendered non-toxic with the heavy metal compounds in the paint immobile and biologically nonhazardous. In a second embodiment of the invention, the calcium phosphate compounds are used in a floor sweeping compound to treat the heavy metal contaminated dust generated during industrial processes. Another embodiment uses the calcium phosphate compounds to treat the effluents of industrial furnaces and smelters and render the heavy metal compounds therein non-toxic. A fourth embodiment utilizes the calcium phosphate compounds in a finely ground form to be added to paint to produce a paint that can be applied over previously applied heavy metal contaminated paint to render the underlying heavy metal contaminated paint non-toxic. Other embodiments are shown as well.

Method for treatment of heavy metal contamination
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October 30, 1998
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December 14, 1999
Carl L Huff
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Jackie Lee Duke
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